Controller Setup

Controller Support

You cannot use a keyboard as a controller, you must setup a controller as below.

WiiU adapter setup

Follow the steps for your OS, found under Installation at this Dolphin Wiki page. There is no need to perform the steps listed under Dolphin Setup.

Make sure your adapter is set to Wii U mode. There is no need to perform any mapping.

Latest Builds

2021-02-23 22:17 UTC Cleanup file access
7a08d776f2852f3 Windows Linux
2021-02-06 13:18 UTC Upgrade to wgpu 0.7
9b282ce91592c29 Windows Linux
2021-01-24 16:38 UTC Fix missing sound on shield hit
9f57b2b175de000 Windows Linux
2021-01-24 11:27 UTC Update kira to 0.4
2b9f090132649fc Windows Linux
2021-01-23 23:21 UTC Improve beatmesa model + add roof/wall collision data
a5321f66041b1af Windows Linux
2021-01-17 12:54 UTC Update to rusb 0.7
2021-01-05 00:10 UTC Update cgmath, lyon and slotmap
301937ad24a3671 Windows Linux
2021-01-04 00:46 UTC Improve beatmesa model + fix bugs in skeleton loading
2021-01-01 17:46 UTC Improve sfx abstractions + preload sfx on startup
94375b77f8de6fd Windows Linux
2020-12-30 21:48 UTC Implement basic sfx system
b98da2d884408a6 Windows Linux
2020-12-29 23:25 UTC Implement per stage/menu/fighter music system
36522649440a083 Windows Linux
2020-12-27 22:13 UTC Implement basic music
2f2048c9faa8cb6 Windows Linux
2020-12-27 18:06 UTC Fix small netplay regressions
2020-12-21 15:39 UTC Replace spin lock with spin_sleep crate
eb5015202dccc57 Windows Linux
2020-12-19 22:35 UTC Update deps
5b96fc0fd4de288 Windows Linux
2020-12-13 21:07 UTC Fix held item model rotation
d590fa8c1b4ab20 Windows Linux
2020-12-12 23:15 UTC toriel down b - add pie model and logic fixes
ab11493dc6a7e92 Windows Linux
2020-12-09 22:45 UTC Update deps
2020-12-09 22:39 UTC Implement custom oven logic
6ebdca5ba8fc981 Windows Linux
2020-12-07 23:48 UTC Implement toriel down b
b24e5c8f4889480 Windows Linux